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The Nocino

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From the infusion of the green husk of the still unripe walnuts, Nocino is obtained, an excellent liqueur, ideal as a digestive after demanding meals.

Thanks to the tannins, naturally present in the hull, proteins are digested more easily; for this reason we can say that Nocino is a real cure for the intestine, as well as for the liver!


The production of Nocino has very specific times, which must be respected if you want to obtain a quality product: the still unripe fruit is harvested during the summer solstice, when the husk best expresses its essences, this period is called " balsamic time ".

The harvest takes place at the Valle del Tione farm in Orvieto, our partner in the production of this product.


La Birròsa è la birra perfetta per un aperitivo estivo! Ottima in abbinamento a piatti atipici per il nostro teritorio, come i crostacei, o a pietanze più legate alla nostra tradizione, come puntarelle con alici e formaggi di capra.

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