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Who we are


Velia Simonetti, La Nonna Velia , known by all as the owner, since the 1940s, of a historic trattoria in Orvieto: LA MEZZA LUNA .

The management of the restaurant was shared with her husband Francesco Bucciotti, known as the "Catirre".

In the role of cook, as well as owner, Velia was specialized in the preparation of typical dishes, which together with the pouring of the excellent wine from Orvieto, delighted her loyal customers.

When he arrived at the dessert, his guests' table never lacked one of his specialties: Svìnnere !

Svinnere di Nonna Velia.jpg
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Ricetta Vino di Visciole - Svinnere.jpg


La Compagnia della Visciola Raccolta.jpg

After tasting the contents of an old bottle, sealed with sealing wax and stored for more than 25 years, to our surprise we discovered an excellent wine, rich in liqueur notes and exceptional qualities.

Taken by the inevitable enthusiasm, we dusted off the old recipe of Svìnnere, handed down to us by Nonna Velia and jealously guarded by Sergio, her son. The idea of ​​going back to producing Svìnnere, following the original recipe, comes to life and is born like this

The Company of the Guisciola

composed not only by Sergio Bucciotti, but also by Ivano Tozzi and Paolo Petrangeli.

Every year we produce with passion not only Svìnnere, but also other products.

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