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The Nocino


From the infusion of the green husk of the still unripe walnuts, Nocino is obtained, an excellent liqueur, ideal as a digestive after demanding meals.

Thanks to the tannins, naturally present in the hull, proteins are digested more easily; for this reason we can say that Nocino is a real cure for the intestine, as well as for the liver!

Our Nocino has a perfectly balanced taste between alcohol, walnut husk, sugar and spices. The aftertaste is characterized by a strong hint of tannins and licorice.

Excellent at the end of a meal, served at a temperature of 16 ° -18 °, as a long-dring with lots of ice, as an accompaniment to ice cream and cheeses.


The production of Nocino has very specific times, which must be respected if you want to obtain a quality product: the still unripe fruit is harvested during the summer solstice, when the husk best expresses its essences, this period is called " balsamic time ".

The harvest takes place at the Valle del Tione farm in Orvieto, our partner in the production of this product.

Before being transported to our laboratory, the walnuts are left to rest outdoors for one night, to "get the dew".

Once we reach the laboratory, we of the Company prepare the infusion, which also contains all the other ingredients besides the husk. From this moment on, we wait patiently forty days before finishing the preparation and bottling our Nocino.

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