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The Svìnnere

Svìnnere is a wine flavored with sour cherry , a typical product of Orvieto.

Known by the patrons of the historic trattoria in Nonna Velia La Mezza Luna , which every year prepared this splendid Visciole wine with love and served it at the end of the meal to accompany the dessert.

The original recipe of Nonna Velia's Aromatized Wine continues to be made every year and to delight our palates!

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Visciola , or Guisciola as known in the Orvieto area, is the fruit of Prunus Cerasus (sour cherry).

With a completely similar appearance to cherries, even if smaller in size, sour cherries are clearly distinguishable from them thanks to their typical acid flavor.

The pulp, characterized by a dark red color, as well as the skin, offers a juice with an intense ruby ​​color.

This variety of Prunus is suitable for medium hill cultivation, which is why it has always been widespread in the territories of Umbria and Marche.

The sour cherry contains countless beneficial properties, like other red fruits it is in fact rich in flavonoids, as well as B vitamins, vitamin C and pectin.

The particular sour taste, excellent but not always appreciated for fresh consumption, has meant that the sour cherry was used for the processing of other products, such as the famous Visciole wine , jams and compotes, as well as syrups and tonics.


The preparation of Svìnnere begins with finding the raw materials: red wine and sour cherries.

We only use red wines from the Orvieto area, obtained from Sangiovese grapes and other red berries originating from our territory. Also the sour cherries, like the grapes, are grown in neighboring areas, a part of them comes from our orchard.

The preparation process begins with the maceration of the sour cherries, followed by the pressing of the skins, the decanting and other important steps that follow one another over the course of several months.

Time and patience are also fundamental ingredients to obtain a truly special product, our dedication in making Svìnnere is fully rewarded when we taste the result of our work!




Svìnnere can be classified as Aromatized Red Wine , according to the ancient recipe its ingredients are: red grape wine, sour cherries, alcohol and sugar.

The alcohol content is about 19.5 °, with a sweet fruity taste with a very clear hint of sour cherry. It can be enjoyed young, two years, as well as aged, in fact it retains its characteristics for over 25 years, if well preserved.

Poured into small glasses, it is an excellent meditation wine, to be enjoyed with dry pastries, chocolate desserts, tarts and ice cream; the ideal temperature for its consumption is 16 ° -18 °.

Also mentioned in old poems in the vernacular, the Svìnnere was offered by the peasants, together with the characteristic tozzetti, during the visit of the priest on the occasion of Easter blessings.

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